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Do you need a business plan writing service to obtain venture capital or maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business?  A first-rate custom business plan eliminates costly trial and error, enables your business to stand out from the crowd, and provides the very best road map for success.

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    Trained Writers

    Our optimal thinking business plan writers are MBA-educated senior level corporate executives who have deep expertise in capital formation, corporate finance, legal issues, operations, and marketing. These seasoned business plan consultants create custom business plans that address the subtleties and critical success factors to best achieve local and global strategic business objectives.

    Successful Track Record

    Our custom business plans are designed for clients who need a winning investment plan, strategic business plan, feasibility plan, growth plan, operational plan, annual plan, internal plan, or even a new product plan. We have enabled clients to raise more than 3.5 billion dollars from venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity firms, banks, corporate and strategic investors.

    Strategic Advisers

Custom Business Plan (20-50 pages)

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup business, mid-sized organization, non-profit organization or multinational, you will receive a supremely crafted business plan targeted to the recipient in their specific industry jargon.

  • A one- to two-page executive summary to optimize the recipient’s first impression, accurately summarizing the business plan
  • Proprietary optimal strategies and benchmarks
  • The most compelling, accurate description of your business model; what your company does; products and services
  • Your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • A precise definition of the unique solutions that your products and services provide
  • A comprehensive justification of the capital required to reach your strategic objectives
  • A thorough description of your company’s development stage
  • A breakdown of the categories and profiles of your customers and prospective customers
  • An optimal description of your marketing and sales strategies
  • Your contingency plans to best deal with threats and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive secondary market and industry research
  • An all-inclusive analysis of your current and potential competitors
  • The factors that differentiate your products and services from your competitors
  • Your company’s durable competitive advantage
  • A comprehensive presentation of your management team, including why your company has the right team for the project
  • Detailed financial projections to best demonstrate the durability and profitability of your company
  • A realistic demonstration of the return on capital investment for investors
  • Appendices, and more

Business Plan Audit

If you wish to have an existing business plan evaluated, look no further. We will analyze your business plan, and provide you with recommendations for optimization. This service does not include writing or editing your business plan.

Investor Pitch Deck

Our MBA-educated senior business consultants and graphic artists work hand-in-hand to provide you with a customized, immaculately crafted PowerPoint investor pitch deck.

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