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Co-Founded in 1998 by Clinton and Michelle while in Grad school, Bizjump evolved to a management consultancy, for medium sized and large enterprises. We have worked tirelessly behind the scenes with federal, state and municipal agencies to launch business assistance programs, develop entrepreneurship programs for colleges and even work with banks to develop loan products for new ventures. Our new platform signals a return to our roots of working one on one with entrepreneurs to launch and grow new ventures.


For over 20 years, Bizjump-trained management consultants have assisted over 2,200 entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses. Our new platform at now allows entrepreneurs to collaborate with expert consultants and partners, through our blogs and forums on business financing, incorporation, business planning, digital marketing, tax and accounting, and procurement of government contracts. For one-on-one assistance, entrepreneurs can contact one of our certified consultants or partners to receive advice or help in almost any area of their businesses.

The Incubate + Accelerate Business Development Process

For entrepreneurs, the business development journey is much more similar than you would think. First, the entrepreneur senses that there is an unmet need in the marketplace for which she could create a product/service to satisfy that market segment.  Second, in the face of enormous risks, she marshals available resources—financing, knowledge, skills, relationship and people—to create a solution that she hopes that customers will find more valuable than that of competitors. Third, based on this initial success, she scales the business to acquire even more customers leading to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship along with the riches that comes with it.

With over a quarter century of business development expertise, our client engagement relationship is based on a two-prong business development model. The start-up or incubation phase is when the entrepreneur is trying to get the value proposition right. In other words what is the specific attributes and features of the product that customers value more in relation to the competitors? Can the new firm deliver this superior value in a consistent manner? After these questions are answered then the firm moves into a growth phase where the needs of the business are starkly different from the startup phase. This deep understanding of the business development cycle, is what makes BizJump one of the best options for any entrepreneur seeking a business development partner.


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